June 9, 2017

POS Inventory

Website URl: http://demo.mysalescloud.in

Usernname(comapany login): DemoCompany

Password(comapany login): DemoCompany


Software Comes  with different  login systems

  • Admin Panel
  • Company panel
  • Store panel
  • Counter panel
  • Customer panel

Access Rights Distribution

  • Admin Panel:- Admin is leader of the software having  full access  to account of his store, counter, customer. It  can  do any  formal change in retail information of software.
  • Company Panel:- Company  have rights to access store, counter, customer  panel  information  and can alter information on it.
  • Store Panel:-  Store have rights to access invoice data from any of  billing counter  panel  and analyse any  particular counter under his store .
  • Counter:-  Counter having only rights to generated invoice from front  end  software by selecting  product order for customer.
  • Customers :- Customer can accessing his current/previous  order  through  android app .  

Admin  Panel

  •  Admin Panel Menu
  1. Dashboard
  2. Company Management
  3. Store Management
  4. Counter Management

  • Dashboard :–  Admin panel  dashboard  gives  all abstract information  of  company, store, counter in  admin account.
  • Company Management:-   It  gives   table representation  of   all company ‘s come under our supervision with contact  person  name and mobile no.It Comes with   Adding new company   facility with company panel  login access .It can Add /View Any   Store in Any of his company.
  • Store Management:- It gives table representation of all  store’s  present in our  company  . It comes with Adding counter  facility to a particular store.It comes with view counter facility and  login access to store and edit delete facility.
  • Counter Management:- It Gives table representation of all  counter’s present in  our store.It comes with viewing   invoice made through a particular counter and  login access to particular counter.

Company  Management

Company  Management  Menu

  1. Dashboard
  2. My Store
  3. My Store Counter
  4. Billing counter Invoice
  5. Customer Management
  6. Category Management
  7. Item Management
  8. Status Management
  9. Order Management
  10. Settings
  • Dashboard :- Its  gives real time data of today’s invoice, sell cost, Tax Total, Revenue in numbered form .It provide graphical representation  of  Today’s sale revenue  store wise  . It also provide last  10 days   company  revenue  store wise.


  • My store:- In which person   can view  all  store present in our company  with  view counter  facility . It has login access to store   counter.


  • My Store Counter:- It provides  view of   Billing  counter  present in all store’s . View  invoice from  particular counter.


  • Billing Counter Invoice:- This menu comes with  search option  between any  two dates for  finding  number of invoice  generated from different counter from particular store. It provides  information of all products from which invoice generated from different billing counter.


  • Customer Management:-  It  gives  data for all customer who register  through  android  app . It  comes  with  send    sms(short message service )   and   add  order  facility . It   give (optional)  login access to customer panel.


  • Category Management:-In this   person can  Add, Update, Edit  and delete any category of his/her company . It   also comes with image upload facility.
  • Items  Management:    It comes with  Adding Items to respective category  of  items with image upload facility .It also edit/delete facility.
  • Status Management:- In this  We can Add Any  Status  for order made by customer through android app. And  helps on send sms to customer.
  • Order Management:-  It   provides   detail information of order made by any customer  through android app or order screen  . It comes with edit/view order facility. In  we can change the status  of any order and sms will be send to customer regarding status of his/her order. It have order printing facility .

Settings :

  • SMS Template :- It comes with adding SMS format for sending  sms to customer.
  • SMS URL :– An Api for sending SMS to Customer regarding current status of order .
  • Bill Template :- An format for printing invoice for items purchase by. 

Store Management

Store Management  Menu

  1. Dashboard
  2. My Counter
  3. Counter Invoice


  • Dashboard :-  It give information about  today’s invoice ,sell cost, tax total, today’s revenue. It gives graphical representation of  monthly revenue made by store and  last 10 days revenue counter wise.


  • My Counter: – It  show  details of all present in his store with contact detail.


  • Counter invoice :- It gives invoice made from particular counter with view product facility. 


Billing Counter Panel

Billing Counter Menu

  1. Dashboard
  2. Sales Summary
  3. Sales Total By Date
  4. Today Sales By Category
  5. Today Sales By Products
  6. Sales By Categories
  7. Sale By Products
  • Dashboard:- It gives  information about  today’s invoice ,Sell cost, Tax Total, Today’s Revenue. It also gives  graphical representation of  Item wise  sales, category wise, item(%) and last 30 days revenue.


  • Sales Summary:-It  provide information of sale between starting date  and ending date with view product facility. If the sale is  not or counter is close it will show zero in sale on that particular date.
  • Sales Total By Date:- It gives information of sale date wise  between starting date and ending date.
  • Today Sales by Categories:-It gives Information of current date  sale  category wise with item category name.
  • Today Sales by products:- It gives Information of current date sale  item wise with item name.
  • Sales By Categories:- It gives information of sale category wise  between  starting  date and ending date.
  • Sales By Products:- It gives information of sale Product  wise  between  starting  date and ending date.

Front  End GUI

Generated Invoice